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Hi, I'm Emily, and I really, really love flowers

You too? Well you've come to the right place.

I worked as a floral designer in the wedding and event industry for 8+ years. After I started having kids I transitioned to floral education teaching other people how to create gorgeous designs at in person workshops with my other business, The Bloom Academy. 

I've loved photography since college, where I got a fine arts degree (but not in photography). Since then it's been a passion, and of course throughout my career as a floral designer flowers were one of my main subjects. I loved taking pictures of weddings we created, and then started making floral compositions out of leftover blooms. 

These floral flat lays have always been a creative outlet for me, and I recently decided to start offering  them as fine art prints for people to bring into their homes. It's such an amazing way to bring the beauty of fresh blooms into your space, but these will last forever. 

And forever got me thinking, why not create amazing one of a kind pieces for brides to preserve their beautiful bouquets. So much time and effort goes into planning, and creating florals that will express your style as a new couple. Why not capture them in a timeless piece of fine art that will last forever? 

From fine art prints, to commissions to match your interior, or bouquet preservation, I hope you'll consider bringing a piece from EVERBLOOM PHOTO into your home. 

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